New York based pianist Xiaofeng Wu has been commented by ABC.es as “simply prodigious…is surely on the roster of the first class performers of his immense country—China”. His recordings of Chopin solo works have been distributed by the iPhone App Chopin Project®. His solo concerts have been highly recognized and reviewed by music critics, numerous publications and media releases including ABC, YAHOO, Radio Clasica, Pravda, Politica, OpusMusica, El Mundo and many others. The Spanish newspaper, La Lanza, described Wu as “one of the most reputable pianists at an international scale.”

Xiaofeng Wu received critical acclaims on the stages of the major piano concourses such as Géza Anda (Zurich), Maj Lind (Helsinki) and Vianna da Motta (Lisbon). He first came to international attention when he won the First Prize in the 10th Guerrero Foundation International Piano Competition (Madrid). Thereafter, he continued to garner the First Prize at the Society of American Musicians Piano Competition (Chicago) and the Gold Prize of NTD International Piano Competition (New York). For his exceptional contribution to the classical music as one of the leading musicians of his generation, the Mu Phi Epsilon International Foundation awarded him the Mabel Henderson Memorial Prize. In 2008, Wu received his Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance from the University of Michigan.

In recent years, Wu’s performing itinerary spans from the US to his motherland China. As one of the featured artists at the Chopin Festival (2010) and the Liszt Festival (2011) in Florida, he was commissioned to perform the epic Chinese piano concerto Yellow River at the 2012 New Year Gala Concert in Dalian and the monumental Rachmaninoff concerto no. 3 in Nanjing. Besides invitations from the US, Wu’s concert program continues in major China cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou in 2012.

Wu's performance of contemporary piano works has been highly recognized by musical institutions and composers globally. The Artistic Director of Queen Sofia Musical Composition Prize, composer Jesús Rueda, described Wu’s recording of his Interludes (2007) as “the replica of my intentions” and “depicts my pieces in a fresh and illuminating light”. His commissions include the CD releases and premiere concerts of solo works by the renowned European composers such as Tomás Marco, Antón G. Abril, Luis de Pablo, etc. In November 2008, Wu’s World Premiere concert at the renowned Reina Sofía National Art Center in Madrid received standing ovations from the enthusiastic Spanish audiences. The Chinese Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi and his wife, along with all officials of the China Embassy in Madrid, witnessed the lively scene of the Chinese Piano Artist being warmly celebrated by Europeans. This event has been commented by the cultural newspaper Mundo Classic "the arduous work and significant contribution by the pianist".

Xiaofeng Wu is heard as a soloist and collaborative pianist in the United States, China, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Serbia.



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